Why join UD2P?

UD2P is an interactive Designer Platform. Designers send us the graphics and ideas, and we will help them to print it on T-Shirts or Art Bags or other products and it will be sold online. Designers has no concern the production and marketing of the product, as UD2P take care of all these tedious tasks. So that, designers can focus on the design and creation process.

treat you like a partner

Incentives to Designer

The designers graphics will be printed on our premium T-shirt (UD2P Cotton Spandex T-Shirt) by the top quality printers. The T-Shirt will be sold online and offline. When the T-Shirts are sold, designers will get 10% commission of the sales. Designers will then receive the accumulated commission fee at the end of the month, and it will be bank transfered to designers bank account.

we fight for your work

Our premium product and production

UD2P only provide high quality product. Designer graphics is printed with full colour by a high-tech digital printer. All our T shirts are printed piece by piece with care using a world class D2G (Direct to Garment) printing machine, and the T-Shirts are made from fine combed cotton spandex jersey fabric giving softness and comfort when worn. Our T-Shirt are quickly prints vibrant, full color graphics on any color garment in an eco and quick manner, as we are using environmentally friendly inks (GOTS certified and Oeko-Tex 100 approved inks) to offer superb printing quality

we produce high end product only

How to join us?

If you are interested at graphics design, illustration, painting etc…, please feel free to contact us.

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